Novel Peptide Treatment May Help to Prevent and Reverse Type 1 DiabetesCraig Webb

Type 1 diabetes is an immune-mediated disorder that causes dysfunction of insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas, leading to a defect in insulin production. Insulin triggers the transport of glucose and free fatty acids from the blood stream into cells where they are stored or used to produce energy. The dysfunction of pancreatic beta cells […]

Diabetes Natural Animal ModelCraig Webb

Description: Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder that is increasing in prevalence in people, dogs, and cats. In each species, the disorder results from a defect in insulin secretion or reduced insulin sensitivity. Insulin is an anabolic hormone produced by pancreatic beta cells, and the most famous of its many functions is to allow glucose […]

On One Health Day, CSU imagines the future of One HealthOne Health

One Health Day falls on November 3rd each year. This year, Colorado State University is celebrating the renewed efforts of the One Health Institute. Dr. Sue VandeWoude, a University Distinguished Professor and member of the National Academy of Sciences, assumed the position of One Health Institute Director full-time in July 2020. Since then, VandeWoude has […]