260 + CSU researchers and collaborating partners

Nationally recognized for our work in veterinary medicine, public health and sustainability, Colorado State University is an exceptional place for innovative One Health solutions that span beyond transdisciplinary boundaries. Over 260 faculty affiliates and students across all eight CSU colleges, collaborating partners, and members of the community investing in the One Health approach recognizing the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health. 

The One Health Institute works to bring together transdisciplinary teams to develop action-oriented One Health solutions to complex problems. Each semester, the Institute hosts meetings with our affiliates to: 

  1. Mobilize novel One Health ideas
  2. Facilitate impactful connections with the local community
  3. Secure funding support
  4. Connect students and faculty
  5. Foster campus community and passion for One Health

Not an Affiliate yet?

Join our network of dedicated professionals who stand for global health.

The Institute has developed various working groups focused on One Health topics that meet regularly. We encourage you to join the conversation to mobilize faculty expertise in One Health. 

Developing a One Health hub at in Northern Colorado

One Health Hub icon

The One Health Institute aims to position itself and its partners as a hub for One Health in Colorado. This group aims to develop a partnership torwards solving complex problems through the One Health approach. 

Climate change and vector-borne disease

Climate change vector borne disease icon

An area of research for the Institute focuses on climate change and vector-borne diseases that have global impact. This group mobilizes expertise to identify areas of research to develop actionable solutions with potential for impact.

Wildlife-livestock interface and disease surveillence

Livestock disease icon

This working group focuses to increase resources for wildlife and livestock disease surveillance, to understand the impact of diseases affecting the health and spillover between wildlife and livestock.