CSU One Health Institute Planning Recap

Our Mission Statement

The mission statement clearly and succinctly defines what OHI does. It is simple and easily remembered by faculty and external audiences. The words “advance” and “solutions” are progress-oriented and positive.

CSU’s One Health Institute takes a transdisciplinary approach to advance health for humans, animals, and the environment. We work to solve complex problems at this intersection through research, training, outreach, and advocacy.

Supporting Pillars

When going deeper to think about OHI, the pillars focus on your greatest strengths and differentiators.

Collaborative Team

We have members from all eight colleges at CSU, as well as from many community groups locally, regionally and globally.

Our team has diverse research and teaching expertise ranging from veterinary and human medicine, to the science of team science and environmental systems as part of Colorado State University.

Where & How we work

We have an extensive portfolio of work and roster of researchers, thanks in part to our unique ecosystem, community and location in the Colorado front range, at the interface of the high intermountain and plains region.

We make a point to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, as underserved communities are more negatively impacted by climate change and health issues.

Leadership & Advocacy

Our collaborative approach brings together experts and communities to generate problem solving systems for challenging One Health issues facing society.