One Health Institute Faculty and Associates

“One Health” is a transdisciplinary concept that focuses on issues at the intersection of human, animal, and environmental health. Solving complex problems at the nexus of these three health sectors requires transdisciplinary, collaborative action. 

The One Health Institute at CSU is organized around three pillars:

 One Health, One Medicine

Advancing translational science by application of natural animal models to accelerate health advances that benefit animals and humans.

Humans, animals, and the environment

A concept that focuses on the intersection of the health and well-being of humans, animals, and the environment.


OHI leverages expertise across boundaries to identify areas for community outreach and engagement.

These areas reflect the tremendous depth at CSU, engaging expertise across all eight colleges, as well as CSU centers and institutes. The mission of the One Health Institute at CSU is to bring together transdisciplinary teams to develop action-oriented solutions to One Health problems, and take advantage of funding and leadership opportunities in One Health.

CSU One Health Institute is continuously seeking faculty (and external stakeholders of equivalent rank) to participate as affiliates. 

These individuals will be formally recognized as One Health Institute Affiliate Faculty.

  • Technical support on research-related issues about One Health research.
  • Collaborative and networking opportunities including workshops, seminars, panel discussions, etc.
  • Promotion of scholarship and research through One Health communications channels.
  • Publication of list of One Health Institute Faculty Associates to Deans, ADs, etc.
  • Opportunity to apply for research seed grant money and support for One Health activities if eligibility criteria are met.
  • Communication about One Health opportunities through newsletters, emails, social media and other platforms
  • Mentor students and other trainees interested in One Health.
  • Promote courses and conferences on One Health and disseminate information about the One Health Institute website, conferences, meetings, and activities to students, faculty and other trainees.
  • Participate in One Health Institute seminars, courses, workshops, activities, etc.
  • Acknowledge CSU One Health Institute affiliation, funding, and technical assistance in manuscripts, reports, conference presentations, and other research or educational products as appropriate.
  • Promote the work of CSU OHI to enhance its visibility and reputation.
  • Provide copies of abstracts, presentations, manuscripts, and final publications supported by One Health Institute funding to OHI staff.
  • Assist in assembling OHI reports by providing biosketch materials, research and scholarly activity as requested.

Please complete the following survey to participate as an OHI affiliate: