One Health in Communities: PBHL642

Course Focus: West Nile Virus Using a One Health Approach

The One Health in Communities course will be taught by One Health Institute staff, featuring lectures from the CU School of Medicine, CSU faculty from 8 departments, City of Fort Collins staff, and other stakeholder groups.

One Healthy City Course image

Apply the One Health approach in your local community!

The One Health in Communities Course will bring together interdisciplinary graduate and professional students from all eight CSU Colleges with the goal of applying One Health knowledge to enhance our local community. 

This three-credit course will use West Nile Virus as an example of a One Health problem. Experts from CSU, local government, state government, non-profits, and industry will share diverse experiences with monitoring, control, and treatment of the disease. The final project will focus on an aspect of West Nile Virus, presenting One Health options to a stakeholder group. This is the first course offered in the One Health Certificate at Colorado State University.

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