Two Pillars of CSU OHI

Colorado State University has tremendous depth in two distinct areas of One Health: (1) One Health, One Medicine, and (2) Animals, People and the Environment (sometimes referred to as EcoHealth). Expertise across all eight CSU colleges, centers, and institutes, coalesce in transdisciplinary teams to develop action-oriented solutions to One Health problems in both of these areas.

One Health, One Medicine

The One Health One Medicine pillar aims to accelerate translational science by inclusion of natural animal models as a tool for medical and surgical advances. As one of the leading academic veterinary medical centers in the world, CSU is on the forefront of developing “One Medicine” Clinical Trials to evaluate therapies for naturally occurring diseases in veterinary patients that have human analogues—work that proceeds in partnership with human medical doctors and biomedical researchers.

Animals, People, and the Environment

As our world becomes more complex, the Animals, People, and Environment pillar tackles critical issues at the intersection of human, animal, and environmental health. Zoonotic disease emergence, food security and antimicrobial resistance, health in indigenous and underserved communities related to relationships to companion, agricultural or wildlife species, and human-animal interactions are all addressed via collaborative transdisciplinary teams across CSU and the community.